How to Find Your One-of-a-Kind Wedding Dress?

What wedding dress is the right style for me?… A natural question you may muse about in your excited (and, somewhat anxious) search for the perfect dress. Among the barrage of wedding dress styles to choose from, it is an excellent question! Between the mermaid style, the classic a-line, the poofy skirts, and the flowing sheaths, you may start to feel like Goldilocks choosing her perfect bowl of oatmeal–which dress is just right for me?!

Well Goldilocks, I suggest you try on as many dazzling styles as possible! Put on whatever makes your bride-self swoon!

Here are some pics of women rocking wedding dress styles galore (that I helped customize and embellish!) See if any of these dresses are just right for you?

Rock on one-of-a-kind, all-kinds-of-beautiful brides! And, please leave a comment to let me know what kind of wedding dress style is your favourite!

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What’s Your Custom Wedding Dress Style?

What is your custom wedding dress style? That dress you picture in your mind. The dress you can’t wait to ROCK on your wedding day…

This isn’t any dress, in any store window or magazine. It’s your dress.

What does that dress look like?…Perhaps it won’t be typical. Maybe you want to stand out–add a little sass.

It could be flattering, fun, yet classic? Perhaps with a custom colour or detail–a signature flair all your own…

But, is this even possible (you may think)? Can you create a wedding dress that only exists in the bubbly meanderings of your whimsical, wedding mind?

With ‘sparkle&pomp,’ you most definitely can! Owner and designer, Samantha Janetos extraordinaire, will be your fanciful guide on the path to your wedding dress dreams! Samantha extraordinaire will take the dress you’ve already purchased, or have created in your mind, and bring it to life!

I am currently on this wedding dress journey and,  throughout, I have been excited and thrilled around every creative corner. I am in love with my dress so far–with its happy colour, couture and flair!

I highly recommend this custom-dress path to any bride with a desire to create, to not break the budget, to have some fun, and to enter into a dazzling partnership with a skillful designer creating your dream wedding dress. This journey has certainly supercharged my wedding dress evolution well-beyond my expectations!

I can’t wait to see my end-result, and I look forward to sharing my final dress creation (with pictures) very soon! Stay tuned, sassy ladies!


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Revamped Dresses: Cocktail Style!

Back at it again!

sparkle&pomp has some new revamped dresses, this time focusing on the popular cocktail style. I really enjoyed creating these new pieces, in fact I can’t choose which one is my favourite. Hope you like them as much as I do!

As usual all 4 dresses can be found at The Brides’ Project, with all profits going to support various cancer charities. Make sure you get there quick before these dresses are gone! For more information on The brides’ Project or to book an appointment to try them on click here.

Click on each image to get a closer look.












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As mentioned in our previous post, sparkle&pomp had our first runway show at FAT -Fashion Art Toronto – and we want to share all the great pictures from the runway. Thank you to Jason Hargrove and Henry Quan for the fabulous shots. Also thanks again to my amazing models (in order of appearance): Bella Mitchell, Julia Marcuzzi, Nicole Debartolo, Allison Wood, Victoria Gorobets, Vanessa Adam, Jessica Ferg, Zlatine Tileva and Bronwyn Szabo.


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NEW Revamped Dresses Showcased at Fashion Art Toronto

Finally it’s here…….sparkle&pomp is unveiling the before and after pictures of the dresses we so tirelessly worked on for The Bride’s Project. These ten dresses were showcased on the runway at FAT – Fashion Art Toronto – an alternative fashion week in Toronto this past April.

Check out the dresses below and remember ALL dresses are for sale at The Bride’s Project,, with proceeds going to various cancer charities. A lot of these dresses have elements of hand sewing making them one of a kind couture gowns!

Click on an image to get a closer look. Enjoy!






















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Unique Ideas…………..Part 3

Evergive Bags — another great business found at the Holiday Sale this past December!

In previous posts I talked about gifts for your bridesmaids; well what better way to wrap up your bridesmaid’s gifts than in bright, gorgeous reusable bags. Alyssa, designer and creator of Evergive Bags, comes from a great background of design, including creating costumes for the National Ballet. 

These bags are made with fabrics fresh from the Akosombo textile mill in Ghana, West Africa. The bright colours and funky prints really create an excitement for gift giving.

The easy to use bags come in all different sizes so why not even wrap your guest favours in these. A gift that keeps on giving, that is environmentally friendly and supports local business — i can’t think of a better kind! Go to for more information and get your hands on these gems.


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Unique Ideas…….Part 2

BlissEscape…….Vacation for your mind!

I met Colleen from BlissEscape  at The Winter Holiday Sale and when she explained the product to me I immediately thought “what a great way to get away without breaking the bank”. BlissEscape is the world’s first guided audio relaxation travelogues. They take you through a guided meditation, allowing you to transcend to other parts of the world while creating a calm, peaceful environment within the comfort of your home. Head over to the website and check out Colleen herself in a video explaining more about the product.

As mentioned in part 1 of this blog series of unique ideas what a great gift idea for bridesmaids and for the bride herself! After months of hard work and planning for the big day, take a break the week before the wedding and travel with your mind to the beautiful Mediterranean or even a Caribbean beach. You and your bridesmaids won’t regret it. You’ll feel refreshed and relaxed for the wedding day and even better you’ll look it too!

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Unique Ideas for Brides

Happy New Year and welcome 2013!

The holidays are over and as the new years starts brides can get back to focusing their attention to their big day. With most weddings still happening in the summer months it is time to get things in order. As I mentioned in my previous blog I met some great vendors at the Winter Holiday Sale last month and my next three blog entries are going to highlight some great businesses that brides can use for their wedding.

Let’s start off with  bridesmaids, what are they going to wear? It’s always hard to please a group of ladies with one dress design so why not have the dresses custom made and at a reasonable price! U:her, whose signature is to ‘be who you are’, creates beautiful pieces that are ‘classic but with a modern twist’.


Tiffany, the creative mind behind U:her, is great to work with and will take the time to create a perfect vision for your bridesmaids and your wedding day. Not only will the bridesmaid dresses be different from any other wedding but the dresses will fit perfectly which means they will be figure flattering and your friends will LOVE you for that!

Tiffany also has a line of silk screened bamboo T-shirts  and dresses which she does by hand and the silk screen designs are her hand drawn fashion illustrations. What a great and unique idea as presents for bridesmaids! Here are some shots of these items taken at the Holiday Sale.

Check out her website  and facebook for more info:

Stay tuned for more uniques ideas for your bridesmaids……

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sparkle&pomp @ The Winter Holiday Sale

This past December 8th and 9th sparkle&pomp had the privilage of being one of 25 great businesses participating at the TBDC Winter Holiday Sale held at The Foundery, 376 Bathurst St.

Here’s a few shots of our table from the show

For the show we added new designs: women’s headbands, hair clips and brooches, little girl headbands, hair clips and hand crochet purses and pocket squares for men. Take a look at the pictures below for all our new one of a kind designs!

Women’s Headbands


Women’s Hair Clips/Brooches


Girl’s Headbands


Girl’s Crochet Purses


Men’s Pocket Squares


and here’s a sneak peek of our new line of hand knitted shawls which we unveiled at the show

The show was a great experience and we were happy to meet so many people and fabulous vendors. Stay tuned for our next blog which will be featuring some of the vendors from the show!


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Revamped Wedding Dresses for The Brides’ Project

sparkle&pomp is entering the wonderful world of blogging and what better way to start then to talk about The Brides’ Project and our work with them. The Brides’ Project is a wonderful organization whose tag line says it all “fighting cancer, one dress at a time”. The Brides’ Project receives gown donations from bridal salons, corporate sponsors and other brides and resells them at amazing prices with all proceeds going to various cancer societies.

Please check out their website for more information

Helen, founder of The Brides Project, is a joy to work with and all the volunteers who work there match her enthusiasm and compassion. I had the pleasure of taking some outdated dresses and revamping them in hopes that these dresses would be given another chance and for a bride to fall in love with for her special day! Check out the before and after pictures below (you can click on each image to get a larger view). ENJOY!

BEFORE: 1970′s Lace Wedding Gown


AFTER: Beautiful Lace Destination Dress


BEFORE: 1980′s Wedding Gown


AFTER: 1950′s Inspired Cocktail Style Wedding Dress


BEFORE: 1990′s Wedding Gown


AFTER: Modern and Chic Wedding Gown

I am very glad to be able to contribute to this great organization and excited to say that both the 5o’s style cocktail wedding dress and the modern, chic wedding gown have sold (the latter selling in just an hour after it’s arrival at the boutique!) and gone home with happy brides.

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