Unique Ideas…………..Part 3

Evergive Bags — another great business found at the Holiday Sale this past December!

In previous posts I talked about gifts for your bridesmaids; well what better way to wrap up your bridesmaid’s gifts than in bright, gorgeous reusable bags. Alyssa, designer and creator of Evergive Bags, comes from a great background of design, including creating costumes for the National Ballet. 

These bags are made with fabrics fresh from the Akosombo textile mill in Ghana, West Africa. The bright colours and funky prints really create an excitement for gift giving.

The easy to use bags come in all different sizes so why not even wrap your guest favours in these. A gift that keeps on giving, that is environmentally friendly and supports local business — i can’t think of a better kind! Go to www.evergivebags.com for more information and get your hands on these gems.


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  1. alyssa says:

    Thanks for showing these off!
    I put one of your gorgeous hair pieces in a little bag for my daughter, and she was thrilled. Your work is so beautiful and refreshing.

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